The way we tick

We are all for individuality.

Every participant gets a SAT Nav with the exact route loaded or alternatively we load the same info onto your mobile device, whatever you prefer.

That has the advantage that you can ride in a group but you don’t have to. Ride at your pace, stop for Photos whenever you feel like it but still have the safety net of the support vehicle behind you. The support vehicle has  tools on board as well as refreshments and a first aid kit. Furthermore does it pull a motorcycle trailer for breakdowns.

We would like to reiterate here once more that our Tours are carefully researched and planned but we are in Africa and things can go wrong. That means the following: You get authorities that do not cooperate, you get roads that are closed for a lot of reasons and which you cannot anticipate. This can necessitate a change of Route, one can arrive late at one’s destination or at a different alternative overnight. Please see this as a part of the deal, an Adventure.

Please be assured that this happens seldom but it can happen. In case it does, it is better handled the relaxed African way, than the impatient abrupt European way. This will spoil your and your fellow participants holiday.





Tel: 0027 11 4526970

Mobile: 0027 63 840 6834

(you can reach us under this number on whatsapp as well)

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