Tours on dust and sand roads:

To participate in an Expedition Africa Tour, you do not have to be a Dakar Proven Rider.

The routes of most of the tours are in good condition and the dust and sand roads are regularly pushed.

Despite all this, you should not be a novice rider and have a certain routine and feel safe even on unpaved surfaces.

What is child’s play for one is already reaching its limit for the other. In the rainy season, a formerly good gravel road can turn into a challenge. Before you book a tour with us, ┬ádo yourself a favour and have a look on youtube under Baviaanskloof, Gamkaskloof, Prince Alfred and Sani Pass to see what will await you.

Tours on Tar :

These are mostly roads in good condition, but in places one will find potholes and substandard roads.

The most important thing to remember, however, are the other road users, who often drive and react differently than one is used to at home.



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