In South Africa and Namibia the hygiene standard regarding food, restaurants and drinking water is generally very good.

In many places you can even drink the tap water without any harm.

But when traveling, one often has a sensitive stomach so one should always be careful.



Please make sure that your health insurance company insures you on the tour and if necessary also confirms this in an international recognised format. Otherwise, we insist you take out a travel health insurance. There are several providers, if you do not come right please contact us and we will try to get you covered with a local provider. A crash with injury can quickly accumulate into tens of thousands of Euros/Dollars.  Without either of the above you will not be able to join the tour.

Carry the insurance documents, as well as a passport copy in a waterproof, Zip-lock bag with you on the bike.



Most of the tours offered lead through malaria free area. Under certain circumstances, it may be advisable to use a prophylaxis (compromised immune system, etc.) Please discuss with your family doctor accordingly.

Keep in mind that using prophylaxis does not guarantee 100% safety and may have unpleasant side effects that you would not necessarily want on a motorcycle tour.



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