Expedition Africa consists of Thorsten Biermann, a German fella who emigrated 25 years ago to South Africa, his son Gerritt and their friend Andy.

Thorsten has been riding motorcycles for over 30 years and has 8 bikes in his garage.

The Progeny follows in the footsteps of the father and is by far the better rider of the two, which Thorsten would never admit.

Andy, the buddy, trumps both again. He already has a Cairo to Cape Town ride on the score board, is a bike instructor, motorcycle journalist and member of the expert panel when it comes to choosing the motorcycle of the year.

To the chagrin of Thorsten, both the son and friend prefer the wrong motorcycle brand, while he is on the only correct one for the job, a BMW.

As a team, they are unbeatable and their passion for motorcycles and the African continent connects them.


Many kilometers travelled together as private individuals has eventually ripened the decision to turn the hobby into a profession.


Email: tours@expeditionafrica.org.za

Tel: 0027 11 4526970

Mobile: 0027 63 840 6834

(you can reach us under this number on whatsapp as well)

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