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Karma Yatri :  Motorcycle adventures across India


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Guided motorcycle tours in Southern Africa

Expedition Africa has several carefully selected, scheduled tours worked out for you.

It has something for every taste, from mountain passes, coastal roads, to the most remote gravel roads.

Each tour was not only put together by us, but also tested.

No matter if you are the Easy rider or the Camel Trophy man, we have something for you.

If your better half would like to be there, but does not like to ride pillion, we have 2 places per tour available in the support vehicle.

Our tours are accompanied by a 4×4 vehicle that carries tools, first-aid equipment, refreshments and limited space for your luggage.

We are not an agency that sits on another continent but we live in South Africa and host these tours.

All tours are carried out from a minimum of 6 participants on the dates indicated.

If you are a group of 6 or more, we can tailor-make your personalised itinerary on routes and dates to suite you and your group.

For a relaxing holiday after an active holiday, we recommend the English/German-speaking agency Samba Tours in Cape Town. Whether you want to visit the Kruger park, or ride the Garden route, the helpful Samba Tours staff will be happy to advise you. Simply click on the menu “Tour Extensions”.


The Quick Way Down March 2018

Expedition Africa Namibia Tour December 2017



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